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City view coinage


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This was a common theme for German States/ Swiss Kantonal coinage. These were struck in Silver Thalers/ and AV Dukaten series. Sadly the impressive biggies are big dollars.

Please post yours. I can only afford the bottom of the barrel stuff. Here are a few.

Mainz/ Erzbistum AV Dukat 1795  Prince Bishop Franz Josf von Erthal                                    Regensburg/ Imperial City/ AV Dukat ND (1792) HRE Franz II

Frankfurt/ Imperial City AV Dukat 1796 (Under French Occupation)

Now for a beauty that I cannot afford to compare

AV 30 Dukaten Regensburg a 1.5 M euro coin


43f207b1fbf21e508c1a5caec7fe1224 (1).jpg




a91038aea20a8755c2f24a5f0277134b (3).jpg

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I do have a few. Mostly from the German States but I will start with a Swiss piece.  

Swiss Cantons - Zurich 1753



German States - Eisleben 1661 1/2 Thaler but 46mm in diameter


German States - Frankfurt 1772 Thaler



Frankfurt 1841 2 Thaler 


Muenster 1661 Thaler



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