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Lots of Arkania & Corinth Pegasus coins


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There are shed loads of Pegasus Arkarnia and Corinth mint coins on the market. Where would the hoards come from?  Local to Corinth and their colonies? I take it that the coins are found together and that the coins were free to circulate between the various symmatic colonies. I guess the hoard is from continental Greece? Anyone know anything and can add detail..  Just interesting

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It depends on when they were from date-wise.

In the 5th century, according to Sally-Anne Coupar from the Hunterian in  Glasgow who did a lot of work  on the coins and incidentally whose PhD thesis is still a good reference -

"hoards in or around Corinth, with the exception of the Isthmia temple deposit, clearly a special case, only ever contain coins of Corinth or pegasi from her colonies in Greece. Hoards in Greece containing Corinthian coins outwith (ha  now there's a good Scottish word!)  Corinth are nearly always found in or around her colonies. This evidence may suggest that, while the pegasi of the Corinthian colonies were allowed to circulate freely in Corinth, all other incoming foreign coin from tourists, traders and taxes was immediately taken to the mint where it was either melted down or restruck. Price suggests that because no Athenian coins are found in the Isthmia "hoard", the Athenian coins arriving in Corinth (as evinced by the Laurion silver and the wappenmunzen overstrike) were immediately melted down or re-used for Corinthian issues upon arrival. However, the Isthmia group represents a temple deposit, where travellers made an offering in their local currency so this deposit probably accumulated over a period of time, and it seems unlikely that the temple officials would sort through the offering for Athenian coin to send to the Corinthian mint, leaving the Aeginetan and other coins aside. A more likely explanation is that either Athenians did not visit the temple at Isthmia at this time, or they traded in their "owls" for pegasi before they arrived at the city of Corinth to have local spending money for their visit..." etc

After 400BC there are a few hoards  found elsewhere, and after 350 not surprisingly (Timoleon etc) there's a huge increase elsewhere, especially Sicily and Southern Italy.

@NewStyleKing which auctions (*if auctions) are you referring to  in  particular?


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