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Rare 'O' mint denarius of Domitian with a great provenance


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Thanks to Marc Breitsprecher for this great coin. I can highly recommend Marc as a seller. He is friendly and very helpful.

At first glance this may appear to be a common coin for Domitian as Caesar. However, it is defintely not the mint of Rome. The 'O' mint denarii are still mysterious. No one is sure where they were struck. On theory is that they were struck at Ephesus. Whereever they were minted, these are interesting coins with great looking portraits.

Domitian as Caesar 76 CE Uncertain mint

Obv: CAE[SAR AVG F DOMITIANVS Head laureate r

Rev: COS IIII; Pegasus

RIC: 1494 (R2)

Ex: From the Eardley and Ethel Madsen Collection, co-publishers, along with David R Sear, of the Journal of the Society for Ancient Numismatics from 1969-2002. 

Ex: Marc Breitsprecher February 2024


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2 hours ago, Roerbakmix said:

Where is the ‘o’?

It is below the neck truncation. Difficult to see but it is there. It’s to the left of the truncation at the bottom of the flan.

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