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Augustus Receives Honorary Paternal Title


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Today, February 5th...

...or thereabout is the anniversary of Augustus receiving the title of: ”Father of the Country” (Pater Patriae) in 2 BC. Roman politician, speaker and patron of the writers, Corvinus, was the originator of the idea.

— Imperium Romanum

From Occy to Auggy

Here are my denarii featuring Octavian (before) and Augustus (upon) becoming Emperor of Rome.





Please post your before and after coins featuring Octavian and/or Augustus.



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According to Suetonius, Augustus was moved to tears when he was given this title of Pater Patriae. (Aug. 58)


AR Denarius (20.36mm, 3.77g, 7h)
Struck 19 BC. Colonia Patricia mint
Obverse: CAESAR AVGVSTVS, bare head of Augustus right
Reverse: OB CIVIS SERVATOS in straight lines above and below oak wreath
References: OCRE I 75a, RCV 1625 var.
Toned with deposits on reverse. Good metal and surfaces. A fine portrait of Caesar Augustus.

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Some beautiful Denarii!

Here's a Divus Augustus PATER. (I guess the "Patriae" was silent.) Posthumous, struck under Tiberius. Nice big coin, 35mm.



Here is one that I sold but wish I hadn't:



Shoulda sold this one instead, which I still have:


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