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a Trajan with my favorite patina type

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I overpaid for the Trajan, but it's made up somewhat by two other buys, which were relative bargains.  As usual, shipping was fast from Savoca, ordered on Monday and it was here on Thursday.

One of my specialties is patina.  The coin itself was an afterthought.  I bought it for one of the scarcest patinas, aqua.  Is is the norm with most of these, there's mottled brown spots.

I've only purchased 3 Roman middle AE's over the past year, and all were patina buys; all dupondii.


Trajan, 98-117. Dupondius (Bronze, 28 mm 12,58 g), Rome, 101-102. Obv. IMP CAES NERVA TRAIAN AVG GERM P M Radiate head of Trajan to right, with slight drapery on left shoulder. Rev. TR POT COS IIII P P / S C Abundantia seated left on chair formed of two cornucopiae, holding scepter in her right hand. RIC 428. BMC 749. Cohen 639.


Constantine X Ducas AD 1059-1067. Follis (Bronze 30 mm 8,87 g), Constantinopolis. Obv. Bust of Christ facing, wearing nimbus cross, holding book of gospels. Rev. Crowned bust of Constantine X facing, wearing loros, cross in right hand, akakia in left. SB 1854.

I bought the Constantine X because of the interesting, indented flan.

The Heraclius S 841 was largely covered on another thread. So was the A2, but here it is:


Anonymous Folles. temp. Basil II & Constantine VIII, circa 976-1025. Æ Follis (28.92g) (sic), I believe they meant 28.92mm, weight not given, although I estimate it between 13 and 15 g. To be 29mm., they would have had to measure the narrowest point.    Constantinople mint. Facing bust of Christ Pantokrator / + IҺSЧS / XRISTЧS / ЬASILЄЧ / ЬASILЄ in four lines; ornament above and below. SB 1813, DOC A2.47.

Feel free to post any aqua patinas. I wonder why Byzantine AE's rarely have great patinas? 

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That's a lovely Trajan Dupondius!  Is the color that bright/light in hand?  

I have a few aqua (or almost aqua) coins:


The Mamertinoi; Sicily, Messana; 241 – 220 BC; AE Trias, 20mm, 5.22 grams; Obv: Helmeted head of Ares to right. Rev: Aphrodite standing to left, holding uncertain object (Nike?) and sceptre; four pellets (mark of value) and [MAMEΡTINΩN] to left. Sarstrom Series XXIA, 403-4; HGC 2, 862. ex. Roma Numismatics, 2022, Anders Collection Auction, lot 616 (their photo).



Caliph ‘Abd al-Malik; Umayyad Caliphate; 685 – 705 AD; AE fals, Dimashq (Damascus) mint.; 21mm, 3 grams.; Obv: Caliph standing with sword in hand. Rev: Modified cross (qutb?) on steps. Arabic legend on obv and rev. Album 3540, Goodwin 706; ex. James Theselius Collection. ex. Wayne G. Sayles (his photo)


Emperor Wan Yan Liang; Jin Dynasty, China; 1149 – 1161 AD; AE Cash, 35mm, 3.92 grams; Obv: ZHENG LONG YUAN BAO; Rev: Inner and Outer rims; Hartill 18.40; ex. Ken Dorney (his photo).  This one looks a little bluer in hand to me.

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