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Mysore/ under British Occupation AV Pagoda


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After the British finally defeated Tipu Sultan "Tiger of Mysore" in 1798, they let his son Krishna Raja Wodeyar IV rule as their puppet.


AV Pagoda ND/ NM

Siva & Parvati seated holding Trisul & Goat


Krishna Raja Wodeyar IV 1799-1868

These Pagodas are very common/ most are in FDC MS-65/66/67

Please add your Mysore coins




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Outstanding specimen! I am certain I have one myself, but can't find the pictures. In the meantime, here is one of my other coins...

Mysore: Krishna Raja Wodeyar (1810-1868) AR Rupee (C#207)

Obv: Persian legend in multiple lines - سک زد بر هفت کشور سید فضل الله خامی دین محمد شاه علم بادشاه (Sikka zad bar haft kashur saya fazl al khami din Muhammad Shah Alam badshah; Defender of the Muhammadan faith, Reflection of Divine excellence, the Emperor Shah Alam struck this coin to be current throughout the seven climates)
Rev: Persian legend in multiple lines with regal year - ضرب میسور سن ۴۸ جلوس میمنت مانوس (zarb Mahisur san 48 julus mayimanat manus; Struck at Mysore in the 48th year of the auspicious reign)

Thurston, E., Coins: Catalogue No. 1, Mysore, Government Central Museum, 1888
Rice, Benjamin L., Mysore: A Gazetter Compiled for Government - Vol. I  Mysore in General, Archibald, Constable and Company, 1897




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