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Shipping / Export modern Gold Coin into USA

Prieure de Sion

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Next week I must send a modern Gold Coin (Year 2001) from Germany to USA. The amount is round about 300 USD. 

Normally 99.9% of my US-shippings are ancient coins older 100 years, so I declare the coins as „antique more than 100 years old“ - over hundreds of ancient coins I have no problem with this declaration. And all of my customers don’t must pay anytime any tax fees at import. 

But now I must send a modern Gold coin from year 2001 and I am not sure what description and declaration was the best for export btw. import into USA. I don’t want the recipient must pay a tax or becomes problems. 

Long story short - what’s the best declaration?

Thanks for help. 

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48 minutes ago, panzerman said:

Just send coin via discreet registered letter.  Hence no customs/ fees/ hassles or theft.😇

Normally I would agree to you, but my Valoren insurance says, that I must select a shipping provider, who deliver in max 14 days. If not, no insurance.

So I will send with normal UPS Express or FedEx - hope will not lost. If it was lost, the insurance will pay 100%. 

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