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An Upgrade of Sorts


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In the quest for the lesser known emperors and usurpers, one must have Magnus Maximus. Although there isn't a ton of history I have found on him, I like his story and rise to and fall from power. 

I started out with a coin from his son, Flavius Victor, which led me to needing a Magnus. I snagged a really ratty one for $4 and was happy with it as a place holder.  

Last week I bid on a group of 3 coins that had an upgrade. I was happy to win. If you divvy the price paid between the 3 coins, this new Magnus was double what I paid for the last one. It isn't great. But it is an upgrade. Maybe someday I will find a better one for double the price of the new one haha. Until then, I am happy.

Let's see some of your place holders and upgrades!

The Upgrade:MagnusMaximusAE2387-388ADREPARATIOREIPVB.png.5a26e8dd89eb7b97c700e005236db65a.png

Magnus Maximus
383-388 AD
Obverse: D N MAG MAXIMVS P F AVG, pearl-diademed, draped & cuirassed bust right
Reverse: REPARATIO-REIPVB, emperor standing left, holding Victory on globe and raising kneeling, turreted woman
Unknown Mint


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