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second coin of 2024


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Fresh in from Concordia Auction

Ionia/ Mysia

EL Hemihekte ND 550-500BC

Kyzikos Mint

Head of Ibex Left/ Tunny Fish

Quadripartite Incuse Square

1.33g.      8.58mm.         ,650

SNG von Aulock unlisted/ von Fritze unlisted/  Boston MFA 1421 (Stater) SNG BN 187 (1)

Please add your EL Kyzikos coins


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Very nice pickup! I don't have any EL Kyzikos (my only EL is from Mytilene and my representative from Kyzikos is an AE), but these two arrived this week.


Ionia, Kolophon
Leodamas, magistrate
Circa 360-330 BCE
Ae Chalkous 2.12g 14mm
Obv: Laureate head of Apollo right.
Rev: ΛEΩΔAMAΣ / KOΛ. Forepart of horse right.
Kinns 55; Milne 115; SNG Copenhagen 155



Bithynia, Herakleia Pontika
Klearchos (Tyrant, circa 364-352 BCE)
AR Obol 0.81g 9mm
Obv: ΗΡΑK. Turreted head of Hera-Tyche left.
Rev: Quiver and club; K to right.
SNG BM Black Sea 1592; HGC 7, 476

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Here's one, and good luck  @panzerman with your search for a stater. They are amazing to hold in, especially alongside these.


MYSIA. Kyzikos. approx 400 BC. Hemihekte – 1/12 Stater (Electrum, 7 mm, 1.31 g. Perseus kneeling right, his head reverted, wearing a winged magic hood. A cloak over his shoulders is fastened with a circular brooch on his breast and its end covers his left arm, holding harpa in his right hand and head of the Medusa in his left - if you squint  hard enough and really use your imagination. Below, tunny fish right. Rx: Four-part incuse square. Traite II 2, pl. 174, 19. von Fritze 162. SNG Paris 312


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