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A few of akeady's 2023 additions

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Happy New Year, all!

I wasn't going to bother with a Top 10 for 2023, but decided to stick together something.   I selected these by just looking at all the coins added in the last year and picking 10 that stood out for whatever reason.   The order is based on when I added them.

1. RR Aes Grave as
I'd wanted a big cast coin for some time and got this in January last year and picked it up from CNG at NYINC.   I wondered if security at JFK would take an interest in it (it was in my coat pocket), but no, fortunately!

A practical difficulty with storing these is their thickness.   Abafil make double depth trays which work well for them, but the Marmotta cabinet only holds standard thickness trays.   However, at NYINC, they told me they can make a Marmotta cabinet for the extra-deep trays as well, so I got one of those made during the summer.   It takes 10 of the extra-deep trays (or the regular trays), so I've moved most of my RR bronzes into that and left the other Marmotta (20 regular depth trays) for the smaller silver coins.   I should have enough storage now for RR coins for several years.

When I took the photos below, I didn't have a an extra-deep tray with spaces big enough for this, but that's been rectified now.


Gens: Anonymous
Coin: Bronze As
I - Laureate head of bearded Janus
I - Prow of galley right
Mint: Rome (ca. 225-217 BC)
Wt./Size/Axis: 249.20g / 64mm / 12h
  • Sydenham 71
  • Crawford 35/1
  • HN Italy 337
  • ICC 74
  • BMCRR Rome 1-9
  • Ex. S & S Collection
Acquisition: CNG Online auction Triton XXVI #598 10-Jan-2023

2. Papal Medal
I picked up a couple of references on papal medals during the year - including Bartolotti - and a few medals as well.   This was the first one to arrive.   I like the big bridge on a pontifex maximus medal 😄

Issued By: Pius IX
Type: Commemorative
Details: |
PIVS IX PONT MAX ANNO VI - Bust of Pius IX right
Grouping: Single
Designer: G. Cerbara
Shape: Round.
Mint: (1851)
Wt./Size/Axis: - / 43mm / -
  • Bart. E. 851
Acquisition: Artemide Aste Online auction Asta 61E #1101 8-Jan-2023

3. RR Denarius
The Irish International Coin Fair returned in February '23 after an absence since 2020.   There weren't many ancient coins, but Richard Walshe had some and I picked up a couple (both I already had, but these are upgrades) - this is one of them.

Gens: Furia
Moneyer: L. Furius Brocchus
Coin: Silver Denarius
III VIR BROCCHI - Head of Ceres, right; on left, corn-ear
L·FVRI CN·F - Curule chair; on either side, fasces
Mint: Rome (63 BC)
Wt./Size/Axis: 3.66g / 19mm / 6h
  • RSC 23 (Furia)
  • Sydenham 902
  • Crawford 414/1
Acquisition/Sale: Hibernian Coins and Notes Irish International Coin Fair 18-Feb-2023

4. Caracalla Aureus
My only gold coin of the year - not really sure why it attracted me, but I guess it's nice to have some bling, holes and all.

Ruler: Caracalla (Augustus)
Coin: Gold Aureus
ANTONINVS PIVS AVG BRIT - Head of Caracalla, laureate, right
P M TR P XV COS III P P IOV VIC - Jupiter, nude to waist, seated left, holding Victory in extended right hand and sceptre in left hand; at feet, left, eagle
Mint: Rome (212 AD)
Wt./Size/Axis: 7.46g / 20mm / 6h
  • RIC 200
Acquisition: Naville Numismatics Online auction NN Live 80 #644 2-Apr-2023

5. Voce Populi Halfpenny
The first Belfast coin fair in years was in June, organised in part as an event to mark the Numismatic Society of Ireland (Northern Branch)'s 60th anniversary.   Baldwin's had a table and had a pile of their Fixed Price List catalogues - unfortunately for me, they'd brought mainly Irish coins rather than ancients from the list, but I'd wanted a Voce Populi coin, so got this.   UK-based dealers hadn't, for the most part, travelled to Dublin for the earlier fair as they now have to pay VAT on their stock coming in (13.5% or 23%, depending on age) and claim it back going out.   They could attend the Belfast fair without these up-front payments and so a few did.   Since the Brexit agreement, Northern Ireland is in an interesting situation as there are no cross border checks between Republic and Northern Ireland and it remains in the EU Single Market.   So... goods to be kept within the UK can cross freely to N.I. from Britain while goods to be exported to the EU through N.I. should pass through checks and be taxed (at what rate?).   I could freely buy things in N.I. and bring them home without paying 13.5%/23% as they were already in the Single Market (well, sort-of!).   Anyway, the Voce Populi slot is now filled - quite an ugly coin, I suppose, but I got it at a reasonable enough price.


Country: Ireland
Coin: 1760 Halfpenny
VOCE POPULI - Laureate bust right
HIBERNIA - Hibernia seated left, holding long sceptre and branch
Shape: Round.
Wt./Size/Axis: 6.05g / 26mm / 5h
  • DF571
Acquisition: Baldwin's Belfast Coin Fair 10-Jun-2023

6. Ireland World Cup €15
The Ireland women's soccer team qualified for the World Cup for the first time in 2023 and this coin was issued to mark the occasion.   In the event, Ireland probably underperformed - they managed a draw and two defeats and went out after the group stage.   The manager was dropped after the campaign and they've won their last six matches with a new interim manager, so we hope there's more to come.   A second cousin of mine (I don't know her, though a sister has met her a few times and she's given a jersey to my niece) was on the team and played in all the matches, so I thought it was worth sticking this coin on the list.

Country: Ireland
Authority: Central Bank
Coin: 2023 €15
ÉIRE 2023 - Harp
IRELAND WOMEN'S NATIONAL FOOTBALL TEAM 2020 15 EURO - Shamrock above tricolour
Shape: Round.
Mint: (3000)
Wt./Size/Axis: 28.28g / 38.61mm / 0h
Acquisition: Central Bank Online shop 14-Jul-202

7. Spain €30 Xacobeo 21/22 Commemorative
Nothing to do with coins, but the best thing I managed to do in 2023 was walk the Camino de Santiago (Camino Francés) for 11 days - from León to Santiago.   I'd done shorter stints of up to a week before in 2003, 2006 and 2010, but this was the longest (315km according to my official cert.) and fastest.   I'd taken 3 weeks off after a tapeout and was short of ideas - it came down to a choice between a fast "Round-the-World" or just go to Spain and walk - this was easier and turned out well - I had no time to plan anything elaborate.   I booked on 30th Aug (4.32PM I see from a quick check of emails) and flew to Madrid at 6.20AM on 31st.   A night there, fast train to León, a night there and started walking on 2nd Sept.   I'd a flight home from Santiago booked for 13th (Numismatic Society meeting on 15th and 13th was the last direct flight to get me there on time), so I had to get to Santiago by 13th - the Camino passes Santiago Airport, so in the worst case, I could walk straight to Departures and finish there 😄   I got to Santiago on 12th and met up with some old friends there and safely home.

Here's a panorama shot I took along the way.


Recommended for anyone who likes a nice walk 😄   I'll certainly do it again, but no idea yet when or which route.

Anyway, here's something I picked up on eBay after - a €30 uncirculated issue marking the 2021 Xacobeo (Holy Year - so-termed when the 25th July - Feast of St. James/Santiago - falls on a Sunday).   It's not as impressive as the 2010 proof I have marking an earlier Holy Year, but nice enough for an uncirculated issue.   The little hologram panel has a few little images of the scallop shell, the date, mintmark and a flecha (arrow) - which can be seen by tilting the coin back and over (hologram image taken from numista):


Country: Spain
Coin: 2021 M €30
FELIPE VI Y LETIZIA / ESPANA 2021 - Conjoined heads of Felipe VI and Letizia
30 EURO / XACOBEO 21.22 - Pilgrim approaching Santiago de Compostela
Shape: Round.
Mint: Madrid (1000000)
Wt./Size/Axis: 18.00g / 33mm / 6h
  • KM 1523
Acquisition: estoeshistoria eBay 225701329556 15-Sep-2023

8. NSI Northern Branch Medal

As mentioned earlierm, the Norther Branch of the Numismatic Society of Ireland celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2023 and here's the medal they minted for the occasion, with Carrickfergus Castle.   A mint operated at the castle in the late 12th/early 13th centuries; the obverse is based on the very rare John deCourcy halfpenny of the late 12th century.

Issued By: NSI (NB)
Type: Commemorative
Details: |
60th ANNIVERSARY / 6 DECEMBER 1963 - 2023 - Depiction of Carrickfergus Castle
Grouping: Single
Shape: Round.
Mint: (2023)
Wt./Size/Axis: 31.10g / 40mm / -
Acquisition: NSI (Northern Branch) Online 21-Aug-2023

9. RR Denarius
Most of the coins I bought this year were again RR coins - here's another.   It's fairly worn and the only reason it makes the list is that it was quite a bargain at €44 - the Shield & Carnyx denarius is quite rare.   Maybe I'll upgrade from it some day, but it fills the slot for now.Cr128_1_Obv.JPG.6e6cd4f43a5c811b816f27892220fcfe.JPGCr128_1_Rev.JPG.ed02936007dea4b90aa8bab4dfa767c6.JPG

Gens: Anonymous - Shield & Carnyx
Coin: Silver Denarius
X - Helmeted head of Roma right
- Dioscuri galloping right; below, shield and carnyx
Exergue: ROMA
Mint: Uncertain (ca. 206-200 BC)
Wt./Size/Axis: 3.83g / 19mm / 12h
  • RSC 1 (Decia)
  • Sydenham 290
  • Crawford 128/1
Acquisition: CGB Online auction e-auction 542 #brm_861578 4-Sep-2023

10. Another RR Denarius
Here's another one - in decent condition, but an off-centre strike.   On the obverse, I suppose we're looking at the edges of the die at the left of the flan?   A hexagonal or octagonal die from the looks of it.

Gens: Flaminia
Moneyer: L. Flaminius Chilo
Coin: Silver Denarius
IIII•VIR / PRI•[FL] - Diademed head of Venus right
L•FLAM[INI?] - Victory in biga, right, holding palm-branch and reins in left hand and whip in right hand
Exergue: [CHILO]
Mint: Rome (43 BC)
Wt./Size/Axis: 3.88g / 19mm / 2h
  • RSC 2-2a (Flaminia)
  • Sydenham 1088
  • Crawford 485/2
  • RBW 1700
  • HCRI 171
  • Ex. Collection of a Hanseatic Romanophile, Kuenker, Auction 347, 22-Mar-2021, lot 931
  • Ex. Kuenker, Auction 143, 6-Oct-2008, lot 421
Acquisition: Roma Numismatics Online auction Auction XXIX #415 9-Nov-2023

And that's it - Happy New Year to all!   Any comments, etc. welcome.


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