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First gold coin, Gold Kanthivara Fanam


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It might be small but it's my first example in gold, and pretty interesting. 


India, Mysore, Krishna Raja Wodeyar. (1799-1868) Gold Kanthivara fanam.

Obverse: Narasimha (Lion-faced Vishnu) seated facing, holding a chakra in each upper hand. Based upon the famous Narasimha statue from Hampi.

Reverse: Partially visible Devanagari legend: Sri / Kamthi / rava.

AV6mm, 0.38g


Here's a picture of the statue the obverse is based on, this statue is awesome! 


gold fanam.jpeg


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@Xeno, Wowwwooow.  This easily ranks with the depictions of older sculpture and architecture on Greek and Roman coins.  Thanks for such a substantive broadening of my (for one) horizons.

(Edit:)  And Congratulations on your first gold!!!  ...Coming from a (European-intensive) medieval kind of place, my first were taris, on similar modules, from taifas in al-Andalus (11th c. CE) and peripherally Fatimid polities in Sicily and southern Italy.

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