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[CLOSED] LordM CoinTalk giveaway #107 (pick your prize)


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Update: this contest is now CLOSED.

Just another one of my cheap-but-cheerful giveaways.


The random drawing will be on or shortly after January 1, 2024.

If you lack CoinTalk credentials (or prefer not to post over there for whatever reason), you may post an entry here and I will repost it on your behalf over on CoinTalk.  Don't forget to mention your prize choice.

Or you may enter on someone else's behalf.  Just say who.  Every nomination gives them an additional chance in the drawing, and they can pick their own prize if your entry for them is drawn as the winner.

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55 minutes ago, seth77 said:

The Severus Nicopolis ad Istrum is gorgeous, this is such a generous giveaway.

I want in, but since I'm overseas I'd like the prize to go to @airhead1983, if she accepts my pick of Lot 2.

Kind of you- I will post an entry for her.

For future reference, the giveaways come with free worldwide shipping, so don’t ever let your non-US location be a barrier to entering.  🙂

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@airhead1983 as far as I can see, you are not missing anything going on here, I see a lot of likes from you to my posts. Truth be told, I'd like to hear more about your lizards, perhaps when you feel like posting more.

@lordmarcovan yes I know, but the problem is on my end. I steer clear of orders outside the Eurozone simply because if they end up in customs I have to deal with a lot of kafka and wasted time.

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If the item is a single coin in a flip (not in a slab), then I ship it as a “letter” rather than a package.  Which saves me money and hassle on this end, since the US Postal Service does not require a customs declaration on “letter” shaped mail, to the best of my knowledge.  No customs declaration on my end might prevent it from going into customs limbo on your end, one would hope?

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  • lordmarcovan changed the title to [CLOSED] LordM CoinTalk giveaway #107 (pick your prize)

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