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Lucius Verus / Septimus Severus / Marcus Aurelius ??? I don't know.


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This coin is beating me. There is enough legend to identify this coin, but I can't.

AE20.7mm., weight of 2.26gm. Heraclea mint?

I am having difficulty with the legend (eyes) but I can't make any of the possibilities that I have come up with out of it.

Lucius Verus, Septimus Severus, or Marcus Aurelius.

The only one to have a reverse with Victory (R) and an 'O' by the leading knee is Diocletian, but his examples are all Aureii.

Your help is appreciated. TIA

Magical Snap - 2023.12.19 16.33 - 014.jpgMagical Snap - 2023.12.19 16.28 - 011.jpg

Magical Snap - 2023.12.19 16.31 - 013.jpg

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I don't like this coin.

Obverse - SEVERVS PIVS AVG, clearly Septimius Severus. 

Legend - VICTORIA AVG, mintmark SMN - Nicomedia. 

The problem is that this combination of obverse and reverse is fishy 1. the reverse style suggests a later period. 2. Nicomedia issued coins in the reign of Septimius Severus, but they are provincial coins, with Greek legends.

Plus the initial issue, that does not necessarily suggest a modern fake by itself - metal and weight imply this coin is not official - so in the best case scenario a limes denarius, but I doubt it because as far as I know limes denarii should copy an official issue or have a combination between obverse and reverse contemporary dies. 

I think this is a modern fantasy but I wouldn't mind to be corrected. 

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Interesting post, @Topcat7

Hat’s off to @ambr0zie and @maridvnvm for spotting it as a fantasy coin. I don’t know which method may have been used but there are a number of faux metal aging products available in craft stores.


Here’s a similar design on an AR denarius.





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