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Latest Ancient & Caracalla Denarii Age Progression Series


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I thought it would be fun to put together an age progression group of coins featuring this notorious emperor.

The young portrait coin on the left of the group in the poster and the bearded portrait on the right were purchased in 2022. The one in the center is my most recent ancient coin purchase and likely to be my final denarius of 2023. That could change of course but for now that’s the plan.



I would love to see your age progression series of coins (young, older, and oldest) —

or simply younger and older images of any emperor you choose.



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Beautiful coins and age progression DR!

Here's the chubby faced fratricidal brat:


And here he is sharing that soulless glare he was famous for:


Cut down be one of his own while revealing himself in the side of the road. 


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Great idea!

Youthful Caracalla vs. Grown-up scowling Caracalla:



Young skinny Nero:


Older, not-so-skinny Nero:


Bursting at the seams:


Marcus Aurelius as young, beardless boy:


Adolescent Marcus Aurelius:


Older Marcus Aurelius:


Extremely Deceased Marcus Aurelius:


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Caracalla as seen on two tetradrachms from Antioch, Syria.


                                          18 years old                                                                                                      28 years old

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Just in the mail, this very worn sestertius showing the adorable young monster Caracalla on both sides.  I've not attributed it yet, but I think it is RIC IV Caracalla 398A dated to 196-197 AD (per OCRE).  This may be one of my top tens for 2023 - despite the massive wear, it has a wonderful green patina with dusty-desert highlights around the devices.  


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