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Rauch win/ Kushan Dinara/ Huvishka


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Picked up this yesterday/

Kushan Empire

AV Dinara/ Late Phase 175-80

Balkh Mint in Bactria

Huvishka I 152-92

Nimbate/ crowned/ diademed King. seated on clouds/ flames at shoulders/ holding mace/ filleted spear over shoulder.


Nana/ nimbate/ standing R/ wearing filleted crescent/ holding scepter and box/ tamgha to R

7.95g.     2omm.     .940      12h

Donum Burns 300   MK 376    Cöbl 354


Please post your Huvishka exs.


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Thanks for kind words! I think that would be a perfect arrangement. I once went after another Huvishka Dinara Triton event. I ended my quest at $3800. It ended up selling much higher. I sincerely hope you have better success to get one for your coll. I now/ will be out of game/ I just wanted one for myself. Just need the AV Quarter Dinara/ these are tough to find in MS.

I love the $$$$ AV Dinara were Huvishka is on an elephant!


Question/ have you ever seen a Solidus from Leontius I 484-88? Some say/ Putin has two in his coll.

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6 hours ago, panzerman said:

Question/ have you ever seen a Solidus from Leontius I 484-88? Some say/ Putin has two in his coll.

There are a lot of tales about putin. This is a part of present days russian worldview - they wants to see putin everywhere and at every moment. As a result you never know if any information is a true or lie. I have never heard that putin has any kind of interests in numismatics. I also have heard that he died at 26 of October and now lies at refrigerator of his residence at Valdai. I hope it's true and we'll see soon a destruction of putinism.

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I know this/ if I had his Money 2Trillion++/ man! I would have a super duper coin collection! And have a special garage (at Black Sea Katharina II style palace for 20 American muscle cars from 50s/ 60s 58/ 65/ 66/ 67 Corvettes/ 55/56/57 Thunderbirds (2 seaters) Studebaker Hawk 1957/ Shelby Cobra 427 1965

😇Imagine the job cleaning that place/ proves they can still build homes with quality!



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