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Just in from Naumann Auction/ Crusader States/ Latin Empire


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In 1204 (Fourth Crusade) Constantinople was conquered by the Crusaders. They setup their "Latin Empire) which lasted until 1261. During this period, the new  Frankish rulers based in Constantinople, struck gold coinage imitating the Nicean AV Hyperpers of John III Vatazes.

AV Hyperpyra ND/ Constantinople Mint

Baldwin (Baudouin) II de Courtenay 1240-61

obv:   Christ Pantokrator seated/ facing on Throne/ Trefol to R


Emperor standing/ facing holding Labarum & Akakia/ being Crowned by the Virgin Maria

4.22g.      27mm.     12h

Metcalf p.22, cf. Sear 2073 for prototype

Please add your Latin Empire coinage


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Hey @panzerman, I saw that one!  Congratulations!

Here's mine, also for Numismatik Naumann.  I did a post on it somewhere here, with a little discussion on the attribution.  I need how it closely copies John III's, just more crudely.


And two prized trachea; a relatively early one, imitating one of Manuel I Komnenos (1118-1180), replete with an okay rendering of the original legend.


And one a little further into the 13th century.  If memory serves, the reverse is the Archangel Michael.


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@panzerman and @JeandAcre Interesting Latin Empire gold coins. I don't recall ever seeing any before. And some interesting Latin Empire bronze coins. Here's my Latin Empire bronze trachy. If anyone wants to learn more about the Latin Empire, then one can view my Latin Empire post on page 19 of @Severus Alexander's epic thread "The epic Byzantine portrait thread", as well as @voulgaroktonou's Latin Empire post on page 18 of that thread.




Latin Empire. Billon Trachy. Minted 1204 AD to 1261 AD. Constantinople Mint. Sear 2035. Maximum Diameter 20.5 mm. Weight 1.15 grams. Obverse : Jesus Christ Full Length Facing Front, Standing On Dais. Reverse : Emperor Full Length Facing Front, Right Hand Holding Labarum, Left Hand Holding Globus Cruciger. The coin has been clipped, which is typical.

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