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Coin attributed and entered into Wildwinds


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I asked Dane at Wildwinds for some help with this coin. She is extremely knowledgeble and very helpful. There are a number of this style of coin but there were no item or description on the site with these particular monograms. After attributing it she asked if it could be added to the page. This is probably nothing special to most of you, but to me, having my coin there, gives me a feeling of satisfaction that others who may have another example of it, now have an attribution to go with it.

Feel free to post any coins of yours that were previously missing from a respected site or publication.


PERGAMON (Mysia) AE16.
Obverse: Head of Athena right, wearing helmet decorated with 8 pointed star.
Reverse: AΘHNAΣ / NIKHΦOPOY. Owl standing facing on palm frond right, with wings spread. Monograms ΓΑ and ΑΡ either sides of owl in fields.
SNG Leipzig 1102-1103. Pergamon mint, ca. 200-133 BC.  2,9 g - 16 mm.


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Very cool! I have this coin which is already the Wildwinds example.


Kings of Thrace, Skostokos
Æ 16mm 2.81g 12h
Kabyle, circa 277-260 BCE
Bust of Skostokos to right, wearing torque / Horseman charging right with flying mantle; ΣΚΟ[ΣΤΟΚΟΣ] below.
SNG Stancomb 300; Peter 1997, p. 219; Draganov, Cabyle, 1997, Type 1, 27-45; HGC 3.2, 1475
WildWinds plate coin
Ex Numismatics Lanz Munich 2007
Ex Heidelberger Münzhandlung Herbert Grün e.K. 2014


I have a number of coins that are neither published in the standard resources nor are in Wildwinds. Here are a few.


Lesbos. Eresos
circa 300-200 BCE
Æ 9 mm, 0,74 g
Head of Hermes to left, wearing petasos
Head of female right EPEΣI to left



Lokris Opuntii
Time of Philip II 351 – 338 BCE
AE 18mm 5,28g
OBV: Head of Athena r., wearing crested Corinthian helmet.
REV: ΟΠΟΝ ΤΙΩΝ Bunch of grapes with tendrils, hanging from stalk, a vine leaf on each side.



Caria, Stratonikeia
Circa 3rd century BCE
Æ 12mm 1,82g
Diademed head of Herakles right /
Lion skin set on club; CTPATONIKEIΩN around
Apparently unpublished



Macedon. Potidaea
380-350 BCE
Æ 14,5mm 3,57g
Head of Athena wearing Corinthian helmet.
R/ Pegasos flying right; Π Ο below.



Nikaia, Bithynia
300-100 BCE
AE 12mm 1,8g
Obv: Head of Dionysos with crown of ivy
Rev: bull butting. NIKAIEΩN above. Monogram(s)(?) below, mostly off flan
Waddington: Nikaia 1 var



Mysia, Zeleia
Nikagoras of Zeleia(?)
4th century BCE
Æ 12mm, 1.65 gm, 5h
Obv: Head of Artemis (Hermes?) left, wearing stephane decorated with pellets.
Rev: Z-Ε/Λ-Ε, stag standing left.
BMC__; SNG Copenhagen__;SNG France__; SNG Ashmolean__
Unrecorded in the major references with bust and stag left


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This is my only wildwinds "plate" coin - it's also the fourth example cited (and illustrated) on RPC online - and for good measure, it is also the "plate" coin for Numista.com: 😜


AE Dichalkon (14.78mm, 1.50g, 12h)
Struck AD 45/6. Egypt, Alexandria mint
Obverse: ΤΙΒ ΚΛΑV, laureate head of Claudius right
Reverse: L-Ϛ, eagle standing right
References: RPC I 5171.4 (this coin) Numista 375930 (this coin). This coin is also the illustrated specimen on Wildwinds.com

Comments: Very rare. Smooth dark surfaces. Excellent condition for the type.


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