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New book on Sestertius (Volume IV)

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This fourth volume is the thickest and largest in the series with 428 pages, almost double the first volume. It also weighs much heavier, almost 2 kilograms. Forty photos plates will allow you to discover 800 very good quality photos of the obverse and reverse, not only of Marcus Aurelius as Caesar (139-161) then Augustus (161-180) without forgetting the consecration pieces by his son Commodus (180-182), of Faustina Younger, the daughter of Antoninus Pius and Faustina Mother under the reign of her father, then of her husband and finally after his death. This panorama would not be complete if Lucius Verus, adoptive brother of Marcus Aurelius, was not associated with this coinage (161-169) as well as his wife, Lucilla, the daughter of Marcus Aurelius. It’s a real family “saga” that presents itself to you.




The forty plates are each accompanied by an explanatory page placed next to the corresponding plate. Opposite each plate, placed on the right page, on the left you find the list of obverse or reverse types. For Marcus Aurelius we have 22 plates including 7 like Caesar, and we have 140 photos (60 for the obverses and 80 for the reverses). These pages are followed by 14 plates for Marcus Aurelius Augustus with 140 photos for the obverses and as many for the reverses.

An additional page is reserved for posthumous Sestertii with 4 obverses and 16 reverses. As for Faustina the Younger, we have 8 plates with 40 photos for the obverse and 120 reverse (just for you @Roman Collector). The Sestertii of Lucius Verus are presented on 7 plates with 64 photos for the obverses including 4 for Lucius Verus deified and 76 reverses. Finally to Lucilla are reserved the last three plates with 20 photos for the obverses and 40 for the reverses. On the left page under the classification, you will find the list of origins of the illustrations. In my opinion, the  price is very reasonable at only 69 euros. With only a few hundreds copies printed, do not wait to acquire it before it is sold out 

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Funny thing. A friend of mine was about to make a book order from CGB and contacted me to see if I wanted anything.  I went on site and found this book so I ordered it. First time I order a book from this series that you had not mentioned beforehand.  As far as I know book is now on order.

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