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Kachi Valangum Perumal


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Talk about a niche coin!

The coin issued by the Pandyan king Jatavarman Sundara Pandyan I commemorates capturing the city of Kachi (modern day Kanchipuram) from Telugu Chodas (different from Cholas), and giving back the city to the Tamil Cholas, who by this period started to wane in power. Around the year 1258 AD, Pandyan forces killed the Telugu Choda ruler Vijaya Gandagopala of Nellore Chodas and captured Kanchipuram, but rather than directly annexing the place into the Pandyan kingdom, he offered the city to the Cholas, their arch nemesis, but by doing so the Cholas were brought under the suzerainty of the Pandyas. 


This particular Pandyan coin is different form other issues from the kingdom, as the design seems to be newly created rather than copying the previous Chola coins that feature the standing king motif. Also the Twin fish emblem of the Pandyas were always featured side by side with a sceptre in the middle, but here we see the fishes being placed on top of each other in a cross like motif, the reasons are yet unknown. 

The coin has a nice desert patina (ironic since it's a tropical place), also complete legends are present on the reverse as most issues are off-centered. 


Jatavarman Sundara Pandyan I

Copper Kasu, 2.85 g

Obv: Twin fish interlinked, with sceptre to left, conch below, crescent above, and unknown symbol to right. 

Reverse: கச்சி வழங்கும் பெருமாள் Kachi-Valangum-Perumal in Tamil (The king who offers Kachi)

1258-1260 AD

Another example, not mine.



Please post any coin with desert patina or better yet Pandyan/South Indian coins.



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5 hours ago, quant.geek said:

That is nearly impossible to get where I am! Outstanding....



Me too! most of my Pandyan coinage were acquired from eBay that were misattributed as Cholas. I found this particular coin also on eBay at the last day of the auction. I see so many of these coins on Indian auction sites, too bad they don't ship overseas. 

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Outstanding luck! I bought a few coins a while ago, but haven't had the chance to photograph them yet. Just bought a ring light to take better pictures and hopefully, it will arrive in a few days. Planning on spending some quality time away from work in December, so will have more free time to do what I find relaxing:


Ceylon, Pandyan Influence: Anonymous (ca 8th-9th century CE) AE Unit (Pieper 3236; MACW 5176)

Obv: Humped bull seated right with lamps on either side; crescent above and platform below
Rev: Two juxtaposition-ed fishes between two lamps, crescent above and platform below





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