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A nice coin show in Montreal

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Is there a better way to spend an afternoon than attending a coin show ? That’s what I did yesterday in Montreal. I was happily surprised to see 6 dealers selling mostly exclusively ancient coins; Garry Miller, Charles Euston, Louis Brousseau, Svetolik Kovacevic… Had a very good time talking with guys who share the same hobby, and even have a friend (Charles) waiting for me with a gift: the brand new book of Jean Marc Doyen, a translation in French of 41 articles by Gilliam about the Gallic rulers ! Here are some pictures. And you members, did you attend a coin show lately ?


My gift




And a nice one I can’t afford…



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Looks like you had a great time! I am jealous of that pick bin. $10 and $20 is right up my alley. Sadly, I don't see stuff like that when I go to shows. Admitedly, I haven't been to one in quite some time but I do plan on attending the Baltimore Whitman show next week. Hopefully there will be something there that catches my eye and is in my budget!

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2 minutes ago, Parthicus said:

Thanks for the show report, sounds like you had a great time.  Those $10 and $20 pick-bin coins look pretty good for the price.  I plan to be at the Baltimore Whitman show next week, and as usual will post a report afterwards.

Stay away from any pick bins! I called dibs! I kid, I kid....sort of... 😛

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7 hours ago, Parthicus said:

Those $10 and $20 pick-bin coins look pretty good for the price.

There was this guy there at the show (I won’t name him), he’s the first dealer from whom I purchased ancient coins in a show, with a HUGE pick-bin box. He’s from Europe (I won’t tell the name of the country) and told me that when his parents in law come to visit him twice a year, they bring coins with them… 5 kilos of them bought in bulk lot there ! When I ask how they can cross the customs with that quantity of pieces, he just told me he declares them as « international coins » without any problems !

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I attended the coin show in Manchester, New Hampshire on October 27th.  It is a large show, but the coins are predominately American, a much smaller amount of foreign coins, and few ancients.  Admission is free to active duty military and veterans, which is much appreciated.  Two of the dealers had a good selection of ancient and medieval coins, Nick Economopoulos and Allen Berman.  

Three month prior, at the Bay State coin show, Allen had a Viking Era penny which I was very interested in acquiring, but I did not have the funds.  I was hoping he still had it in his inventory, but alas it had sold.  I photographed the coin in July.  The ticket looks to date back to the time of the Cuerdale hoard in 1840.  The penny is of the uncommon MIRABILIA FECIT type.  The inscription comes from the Psalms.  image.jpeg.be60a63cdb77048576e0a1e78a8f1f1f.jpeg

I had better luck at Nick Economopoulos’ table.  An upgrade for my solidus of Phocas.


An inexpensive RR denarius.


And a Carthage mint nummus of the second reign of Maximianus.


Allen Berman has commented that with increasing auction commmisions, shipping fees, bank charges, and other costs, buying coins at shows is looking better all the time.  



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