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Try this for a NewStyle


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@Deinomenid Sent me a link to a NewStyle that he liked   https://www.numisbids.com/n.php?p=lot&sid=7223&lot=107 This NewStyle called 2 serpents is quite nice. 2 Serpents have 2 monograms probably of Phanias and Moschion whose order is reversed on some of the coins. They are thought to be brothers. Maybe T81 more than T 80 Obverses..can someone have a look?

How about this?  A nice large flanned early NewStyle offered by CNG . Obverse quite clearly T14, the reverse probably new. The interesting thing is that in this the 4th issue of NewStyles, there are 2 types, one without and one with Cornucopia. This may or may not indicate a 2 year issue but my examples of both types have a shared obverse. Mysterious eh!  Who thinks NewStyles are boring! 


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I wouldn't quite say I liked this  coin as  that I was perplexed!

I assumed  it was a crude  fake, with the way  it  didn't remotely  fit the flan, with the nose, and with  the "edge" beading going so crazy and  not even attempting to  join up, but then thought  even a drunk  modern  forger  could do better.  The 2 serpents part  is really interesting though.



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Ha! Now I understand! I did wonder whether it was a contemporary copy because SHE has a bulbous nose! And the beading on the obverse is strange and doesn't meet up!

My 2 Serpents! A well worn die on the obverse  but a great reverse with a fab owl amphora combo


Athens New Style Tetradrachm 152/1 BC Obs : Athena Parthenos right in tri-form helmet 33mm 16.92 g Thompson Issue 13 Thompson catalogue: Obs 80 ?? : Rev 79a Rev : AΘE ethnic  Owl Standing on overturned panathenaic amphora  on which month mark Ζ XM monogram left, AΦN monogram right 2 magistrates : MOSCHOS PHANIAS RF symbol : 2 Serpents All within a surrounding olive wreath Keywords: Athena owl amphora monogram serpents wreath

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