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Heavy and light pence 1399-1422 and Calais quarter nobles


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I was sent some random  literature (plus address of another collector,  which is poor in my view) in error by a European  dealer who said to keep it by way of apology (thanks!).  In case anyone  is  interested, I can mail it at no cost.

BMJ 1999 Vol 69 deaccessioned from the BNS library. 6 pages on the  above plus 4 pages of plates.

I am way off my area of knowledge, but  rather than  just throw it away,I thought I'd offer here.


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Thank you. Hopefully the publication finds a new home.

Off topic, as I tend do, apologies. I struggle to find a copy of Bridge RN. Some unpublished Byzantine gold coins. Spink's Num. Circ 78 (1970). Keen to buy the issue if someone is aware of a seller or have an unwanted copy.

I have seen whole year Spink's Num. Circ bundles on auctions, but do not need every issue and others may need.

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Gosh, @Deinomenid, you're owed the broadest thanks for posting this in the first place.

As you might know, I'm a 'medievals guy' (in my case, 'medievalist' is insufferably pretensious), but the subjects run to being just past my primary chronological range.  On the other hand, I dearly love British journals and monographs as a genre (having a random, but treasured handful), and if you wound up not finding a better candidate, it would be an honour and a joy to get these.  ...The fact that you're offering them sans shipping cost really makes me sit up and breathe.  --This is from the US; are you sure?

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28 minutes ago, JeandAcre said:

are you sure?

Of course. I'll just need to add some randomly large insurance and packaging  plus administration fees that auction  houses love to  do,  but that won't be more than a few thousand dollars.

Joking aside,  if  you message me  your address I'll get it out to you next week.


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