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ID help on weird little AE - Facing nimbate head / bull?


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Picked up a few group lots to go through and got this interesting little thing I absolutely can't seem to ID.

AE, 9x10mm, 0.56g

Obv: Facing nimbate head, wearing robe(?) Cross over left shoulder?

Rev: Very fat bull walking right, head facing? Perhaps flying Nike over?


Obverse reminds me of something medieval, but the bull seems more Greek in execution. Can't get anything remotely close to this no matter what I search. Any ideas what on earth this could be?

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15 hours ago, JayAg47 said:

Reminds me of the coins from silk route or the early Islamic coins that had portraiture. 

Stylistically I can see parallels with Chach coinage, but it's far too small - I don't think I've ever seen any Central Asian AE under 16mm

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