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a hodge-podge of mostly attractive Byzantine coins


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The order took a while, being placed Aug. 29th, but when it was finally put in the post three weeks later, it arrived very quickly.  The coins, like before, were good values.


The first, a Class A2 follis, was exceptionally small for the type.  One wonders if this was a provincial mint?AnonymousFollisClassA2-S1813-Forumtable3925mm8.7gFdarkgreenpatina.jpg.46f2625182da9f9c68da5f834c979184.jpg

Anonymous Follis Class A2

Sear 1813, Forum table #39,

Weight : 8.7 gr
Diameter : 25 mm



Heraclius - 610-641 - AE Follis - S 810 (large module) - Yr 20, gamma, 30mm., 12.04g nice dark green patina

*misattributed as S 1010, Constans II.


ELEUKID KINGS of SYRIA.Tryphon (Circa 142-138 BC).Antioch.Ae.
Obv : Diademed head right.
Spiked Macedonian helmet adorned with wild goat horns; star to inner left.
SC 2034.2e; HGC 9, 1061.
Weight : 5.7 gr
Diameter : 18 mm
I had always wanted a Tryphon, so this was a very happy throw-in.


MAURICE TIBERIUS.(582-602).Antioch.Follis.
Crowned facing bust, wearing consular robes, holding mappa and eagle-tipped sceptre.
Rev : Large M between ANNO and date (X); cross above, A (sic) (Gamma) below; THЄUP’.
Sear 533.
Weight : 11.9 gr
Diameter : 28 mm

This is the coin which the order was created around.  I had wanted a nice example of Tiberius II, and this example was oneof the boldest on vcoins.  One wonders why the coin was left partially uncleaned? It's in VF+ condition, by wear.


TIBERIUS II CONSTANTINE.(578-582).Constantinople.Follis.



Crowned bust facing, wearing consular robes and holding mappa and eagle-tipped sceptre; above eagle, cross.


Rev : Large m between A/N/N/O and GII; above, cross; in exergue, CONB (description said A)

Sear 430.


Weight : 12.3 gr

Diameter : 33 mm

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My guess is the Tiberius, which had an excellent obverse, was left partially uncleaned due to the corrosion on the reverse, and while the obverse would be immaculate if cleaned, the cleaner probably determined leaving the coin more balanced with having both sides with some dirt.

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Here's the original description to the Heraclius 810, which except for the size and weight, bear no semblance to what the coin says.  I was a bit worried that the photograph was in error, and I'd receive a 1010.

CONSTANS II with CONSTANTINE IV (641-668).Constantinople.Follis.

Obv : Constans, holding long cross, and Constantine IV, holding globus cruciger, standing facing; cross above.

Rev : Large M; A/N/N/O - X/ЧI across field, K above, Γ below; CON.

Sear 1010 var.

Condition : Very nice green patina.Very fine.

Weight : 12.04 gr

Diameter : 30 mm

All in all, it was worth the wait, and even managed to be a bit less slow than the first order.

Reports of overseas transit times ballooning do seem to be the case (except the mail transit time for this order was pretty quick).  Even fast Numiscorner took three weeks (though no fault of their own). 

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