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Lesbos EL Hekte CNG event


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I was delayed by rain/ so decided to check CNG Auction/ ended up placing a proxy bid on one lot/ won it!

Lesbos/ Mytilene

EL Hekte ND (377-326BC)

Mytilene Mint

10.5mm.    2.57g.     .530      3h

Head of Apollo Karnelos R/ with Horn of Ammon

Eagle standing R/Head Reverted/ in Linear Square/ within Incuse Square

ex: North River Coll. / Triton IV lot 247 5.12.2000


PLease add your Lesbos coins/ or coins you won in todays CNG event. 


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Here's my Mytilene.


Mytilene EL Hekte c. 332 BCE
10.5mm 2.57g 12h
Avers : Tête laurée et barbue de Zeus à droite (Philippe II de Macédoine).
Revers : Tête imberbe d’Héraklès à droite coiffée de la léonté dans un carré linéaire (Alexandre III le Grand).
Bod.103 - B. traité- - Aulock1711 - P.- - BMC.- - Cop.- - HGCS. 5/1029 (R2)


Unfortunately, I didn't do so well at CNG today. I bid on 3 coins and lost on every one. 😞 On the positive side, I saved a lot of money. 🙂 

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2 stunning coins. 
I loved that one on cng and am delighted you got it. This one of mine is in a much lower league and was described as an “owl with character”, which translates from seller-tongue to roughly as “almost fine”.


LESBOS. Mytilene. Circa 454-428/7 BC.Hekte (Electrum, 10 mm)



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All gorgeous examples! Here’s my Mytilene, not as interesting a type but still really like it (only hekte so far but would love to get more in the future if budget allows) 😄 

Lesbos, Mytilene. Circa 377-326 BC. Electrum Hekte (2.49 gm, 10mm). Obv.: head of Dionysos to right, wearing wreath of ivy and fruit. Rev.: head of a satyr to right, wearing wreath of grain ears. Bodenstedt 87; SNG von Aulock 1719. The reverse struck slightly off center, gVF. ex Leu web auction 26, purchased from Tom Vossen

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