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A comparison of a double die matched Lysimachos Magnesia on the Maeander Tetradrachm


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I am comparing a Lysimachos tetradrachm from the upcoming CNG 547 sale here: https://auctions.cngcoins.com/lots/view/4-B4W4D2/kings-of-thrace-macedonian-lysimachos-305-281-bc-ar-tetradrachm-29mm-1706-g-11h-magnesia-on-the-maeander-mint-struck-circa-2976-2821-bc-good-vf


To one sold by Savoca in their 161 Silver Auction here: https://www.numisbids.com/n.php?p=lot&sid=6695&lot=72

The two coins appear to be double die matches with very similar strikes. Here is a gif comparing them:

Is there anything that raises red flags about one or both of these coins? Its possible they're both from the same hoard. Or is there evidence of a die transfer? Just curious what others think.

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Addressing the elephant in the room, I don't think that either coin is fake, they both look to be genuine examples. It is curious that they are exact obverse and reverse but it's not unheard of for genuine examples. However, this is not my collecting area of expertise, so I will defer to others that are more experienced in this field.

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The general idea of two coins having identical obverses and reverses is common. In the catalogue of the New Style Silver Coinage of Athens it will be seen to be quite common.More useful and of numismatic value are obverses of the same type mated with differing reverses and reverse types.eg, this can show  chronological progression and is a key factor in the NSSCA.

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