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A Ghost in the River


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According to IMPERIUM ROMANUM, a supernatural event occurred on or about this day

(September 14, 9 BC) give or take.


After I read the history it occurred to me that my Trajan Decius antoniniani might be an appropriate choice of Roman Imperial coins to accompany the article. The first coin features a reverse image similar to the man on horseback in my ghost illustration. The second coin has an image of Genius who was believed to be a benevolent spirit.









Please feel free to post your coins and comments. 



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Here is coin that is exactly the opposite - celebrating (most likely) a fatal accident involving a horse, that was avoided. 


19 mm, 2,96 g.
Commodus 180-192. AR denarius. Rome. 186-189.
M COMM ANT P FEL AVG BRIT, laureate bust to right / FORTVNAE MANENTI, Fortuna seated to left, holding cornucopiae and rudder with left hand and restraining horse by the bridle with right; C V P P in exergue.
RIC III 191a; BMCRE 231; RSC 168a.

It is argued that, when the emperor Commodus struck coins with reverse legend celebrating Fortuna under the epithet Manens surrounding a unique depiction of her seated and holding a horse by the bridle, he may have done so in order to celebrate his lucky escape from a potentially fatal accident involving a horse.

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An actual Drusus.


Tiberius & Drusus ( 14 - 37 A.D.)
AR Drachm
CAPPADOCIA, Caesarea-Eusebia
O: [TI C]AES AVG PM TRP XXXV, Laureate head of Tiberius right.
R: DRVSVS CAES TI] AVG F COS II R P, Head of Drusus left.
Caesarea in Cappadocia mint 33- 34 A.D.
RIC I 87; RPC I 3622. Syd 46

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