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Help with "technical" minting question. What is debitage?


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I'm reading about Aegina turtles and in an article in French on the Albanian huge hoard, the author says

"D'autre part le flan est en général moins large mais plus massif que dans la classe 6 : sa tranche, épaisse et droite, présente des irrégularités; on y constate le passage, probablement, du moulage à la nouvelle technique du débitage pour la préparation des flans."


Which  means,  roughly, I think

"On the other hand, the blank/flan is generally less wide but more massive than in class 6: its edge, thick and straight, presents irregularities; we see the transition, probably, from molding to the new technique of debitage for the preparation of blanks."


What is debitage? I'm poor on  minting techniques, but have looked it up and the only context I can find  is stone age  tool making debris. 


noun - Archaeology.
  1. lithic debris and discards found at the sites where stone tools and weapons were made.

    (It says 1, But there no  2 etc)!




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2 hours ago, John Conduitt said:

This must be a possibility as it’s how Russian wire money and Charles I Rose farthings were made.

There were cast rods, with marked subdivisions found during an excavation of the Trier mint:


This is Fig 12 on p.380 of the article by Joachim Hope (in german) available here:


If you download the PDF you can use the Google translate web site to translate it to english.

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13 hours ago, DLTcoins said:

I ran French débitage through Google Translate.

Why thank you! 😀 I had a slight sense  of humour failure when I did the same before  posting. Google Translate  is amazing in many ways but numismatics  is  not its forte.

For example from French  it insists on calling coins corners (which is a possible translation) and  obverses rights.

So the obverse  of a FDC coin was the "right of a flower corner".   All the more  ironic as FDC is a French term.


Greatly appreciate the answers here. I just could not  picture what they meant.


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