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Coin and Conquer: The Numismatic Impact of Roman Military Activity and Empire in the Early Second Century BC Jordon Houston


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A really nice read. For fans of republican coins, Magna Grecia  and finally Greece. Mention is made of the Gaius Publius bronze coins of Macedon that another forum member, (topcat) showed recently. And, of course, a honourable mention of the athenian NewStyle coinage which he dates c170-30BC  which I think is wrong. I  am of the popular modern opinion of c 164 - 42 BC

Read it on academia.edu

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Many thanks for this recommendation. I just finished it, and found it excellent.

A little sad  for the Magna Graecians here (for him Sicily) as in his comparison  with Iberia and mainland  Greece  the former  was the only one of the 3  to be  utterly crushed and replaced within a year with  wretched little denarii 🙂

In that vein, here is a coin  from the very last year of the 5th republic, minted while under the final siege.


''Tell the king; the fair wrought house has fallen. No shelter has Apollo, nor sacred laurel leaves; the fountains are now silent; the voice is stilled. It is finished."***


SICILY. Syracuse. Fifth Democracy. Circa 214-212 B.C. AR 8 litrai. 6.29 gm. 21.5 mm. Head of Athena left wearing crested Corinthian helmet with griffin on bowl and A on back, single pendant earring and pearl necklace; knot of beaded serpents representing aegis at front of neck / Winged thunderbolt; ΣΥΡΑΚΟΣΙΩ[Ν] above, YA Σ below. HGC 2, 1414. Burnett, Enna Hoard (SNR 62) D28 (dies 10/D). BAR Issue 88. SNG ANS 1046 (same dies).
Ex British Museum Duplicates (Ars Classica V, 18 June 1923, lot 1251).

***Yes, I know this is from rather later as the last  Delphic utterance, but it fits!



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