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Since the age of 12 I have work in the food business, at 12 I worked for a family friend in their bakery. I am a federally licenced food handler, a meat cutter, as well cheese expert! And to be honest the word " expert" isn't a term I use much,as i am a firm believer in learning something daily...that said I'm not an expert, but do know quite a bit about food. As an expert already knows it all. ūüôā

so this thread is decated to food any and all types, helpful hints, recipes, and how to do. Please share your favourite dishes, your ideas on new recipes, and just sharing last nights dinner.

show us your finished products, and your secrets of making your family to say YUM!

Bon Appetit 

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Have you ever cracked a Reggino Parmesan cheese? 

Reggino parm is one of Italy's most popular cheeses.

And rightful so... its a hard cheese that makes Italian dishes ,salads,and soup taste wonderful! 

Now please if your time allows research this product I belive its history, production, and usages will enlighten you in your kitchen.

 The image below is of a quarter wheel of parm. One uses cheese chisel to crack the wheel. You score the cheese top...and then use another chisel to pry it open... like cutting tile, or stone the scoring will be where the item will break. This product needs not be refrigerated, and now hear this...all you lactose intolerant folks... cheeses aged to this point or time...are lactose free! Yes and heres another tip.... any cheese aged like this and now a days one can just about find a cheese in most cheese famlies...will also be lactose free!

You will see Cheddar,swiss, gouda, aged to the point where that cheese meets parm...is free of lactose so no I'll effect from lactose as it all has aged out!

So gang....say fromage or cheese as now you can enjoy something new that at one point made you ill.








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Now a fast dinner 30 minuites prep to table.

I love seafood...and I make a fish that you will love.

I use cod portions about 6 to 8 oz. Cuts. 

You'll need Mayo, lemon juice, minced garlic, seafood season, and shedded parm cheese. 

Assemble the items above.... now the amounts will vary, as you personally may like it Spicer or less....

A couple table spoons of mayo in a bowl, add the garlic to taste,a splash of lemmon juice, seafood seasoning Jo or old bay, to taste, and about a 1/4 cup of parm cheese. Mix well.

Place you fish skin side down, coat a nice thick layer of the mixture. Now depending on the fish thickness bake @ 400 f at least 20 minuites or until the meat is white and flaky....don't over cook .the sauce will turn a nice brown on top creamy color under. 

You can substitute the Jo or old bay by another seasoning that your taste prefers.

This recipe turns bland white fish into a gourmet meal...that you'll love. I also use  it on * shrimp to bake them with the sauce.

* Less time same temp .

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Parmesano Reggiano is the absolute best of cheeses.  It is also quite dear, even that half wheel is worth some bucks.  I remember a few years ago they had an earthquake in the village where they age it in storehouses and it was a huge mess because of all the broken wheels.  My favourite way of using it is as shaved on soups, baked breads etc.  

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Your taking the cheese bank? Where the famers take their cheeses for aging

At which they get an advance for their cheese, and when finished aging they sell and pay the bank back for aging and storage.

Yes there's a 60 minuite tv show that shows the process from A to Z.

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Yes a full wheel of Regg weights about 77 lbs. And at $20+/- usd a pound yes it is pricy...but its soooo good! 

Now for another story...lol when I worked for the IDB Kerrygold we put on a show early summer so buyer from stores could see what was available for the holiday season.  They would place order 6 months in advance.. after the show all the food for the most part be up for grabs...I come home with everything and anything..left over....anything left they call in the Little Sisters of the poor to feed the hungry. Well we had 3 53 foot reefer trailers that some of our products ,as well our displays and refrigerate cases needed to go back to the plant.

So it came down to 1 wheel of parm.... and my boss said Patrick that isnt going back...I looked her and said Linda this parm is going back on that truck..or my butt is rolling that cheese down Pratt st. To my car! She said omg Patrick....as much as I like to see that....Im afraid that would end up as the lead story on the 6 pm news! Damn it squeeze it on the truck. LoL

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1 hour ago, LONGINUS said:

Great post, @Paddy54

Awesome images ‚≠ź‚≠ź‚≠ź!

Parmesan is definitely one of my favorites. Among my others are Jarlsberg and Romano.


LoL fake dummy wheels for merchandising  locatelli is good Romano

Jarlsburg is a good cheese but, I'm sort of tired of...but again I had exposure to  about every cheese made.

I recall back about 8 to 10 years ago...the IDB was planning to fly in speciality cheeses made at small French co-op farms. I wasn't on board with it...as  ost were soft cheeses with a short shelf life.  And one heck of a price point.  Meaning that each were over $20 per pound . And that point we were heading into a ecomic down turn....as suspected it was a bust.

But there are cheeses still made in France today that were made before Christ in  French caves. As welll some great caved aged swiss's that the cave drjpping become's its rine. 

I love baked brie...





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Ok meal time...great for the grill....

Stuffed flank steak....with Blue cheese, garlic, and butter.

This can be prepared several ways it can be rolled cut into pin wheels and cooked, it can be roasted as a whole and cut as a roast. 

Its simple...1 flank steak to feed your family....pounded out to make the meat a little thiner and this also helps break down muscle in the meat to tenderize.

Mix to taste enough crumbled blue, garlic,and butter....many never realize why a restaurant steak taste so different....well 1 its cooked in butter 2 they spray water on the meat to help tenderize the meat.

So we have our flank steak layed out, spread the mix of butter,garlic, and blue on the top of the steak. 

Next roll the meat up so the mixture is on the inside. Another reason your pound out the meat ...as its easier to roll up.

Tie the meat with butchers twine...now here is where one needs to decide to roast as a whole,or cut pin wheel like steaks. You need to cook this on foil so the drippings do not drip down in the flames. Besides is does end up frying in the butter,garlic,and butter.  Baked just bake in a pan or dish like you would a meat loaf or roast of beef.

The mixture cooks thoughout the meat... a nice combo of blue and garlic...in every bite. Enjoy Paddy

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Now growing up on the Atlantic seaboard I love fish! Have you ever poached a nice white meat fish in Olive Oil? 

Halibut is a favorite fish to use...however it can get pricy....so any nice thicker white meat fish. Again its a easy prep...and wonderful dinner.

Take a pyrex dish 9×11 or there abouts slice a lemon in to 1/8 " thick slices the whole lemon. Now layer in the glass dish a single layer of the lemon slices. Now before you do that as I forgot...take the fish out for 10 to 15 minuites. Grind course black pepper over the fish pices...settin out at room temperature allows the fish pours to open...and seasoning to go into flavour the fish. 

Now take the fish lay the pierces over the layer of lemon slices, next on the top of the fish lay remaing lemon slices on the fish. A couple sprigs of fresh parsley chop and spread it over the lemons on top the fish. Next a few cappers like a tea spoon full. Now you take extra virgin olive oil and cover the fish. Bake in a low oven @ between 275-300 f now cooking time will vary each oven will be different.  The fish is done when the meat is opaque, white,flaky.... 

Now remove the fish and allow to rest on a plater with paper towels.

Now guess what you do with the oil ??? You take a #2 coffee filter and filter the oil. As it will have a nice flavor...and you use it to dress the fish,as well on the potatoes and green beans....two veggies that pairs well with the fish.

The remaining oil you can refrigerate for use on salads, or other veggies...later on...just allow it to sit at room temp until it warms up.

So little waste of the oil as it can be used once filtered ...shelf life about 2 weeks refrigerated. 

The cooking time at the temps will be around 40 minuites to an hour depending on the thickness  and size of the fish. 

Again enjoy folks.... any questions about please ask...and I'll try and explain or answer your concerns.




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How about a cheese dip that is easy and yummy. Now its your call as one can use most any semi hard or hard cheese. I like a slightly spicy cheese. Dietz & Watson makesca sweet peperdew cheese that I like...this state side can be purchased in most grocers.  Buy it from the service deli in a big hunk..as you're going to cube the cheese for melting. Next you'll need a crock pot. Cut the cheese into cubes...place in crock pot along with two pkgs of cream cheese. Now turn on low to med heat...walk away..every few minuites...walk in and stir the pot until all are melted together.

Now if one likes crab dip...just add crab meat to the mix....and keep the spread in a serving crock pot.  This goes great on a french baggett....or other favorite snacks for dipping.

You can add shrimp, chicken meat, if one like buffalo chicken....buy cheese with buffalo taste in the cheese,and add 1 can of white cooked chicken meat.


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