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Horde of 700+ gold coins


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Yes it's hard to get excited by a hoard dating to the 1860s, but this is amazing. I can't even imagine someone having this kind of cash knocking about in Civil War Kentucky. Possibly slave-related, it has to be said.

It's a little disheartening to hear "a service that removes surface contaminants and stabilizes coins for long-term preservation, stepped in to examine and conserve the cache, identifying rare error coins in the process." So gold, one of the most stable elements, needs stabilising for long-term preservation? Presumably they just mean NGC have slabbed them for sale 🤣 It's a pity they didn't ask someone who really appreciates history instead of NGC.

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I am cursed too! I have never won in a lottery or found gold coins. I guess thats why they call the TV series, "Curse of Oak Island" all they ever find is junk. The "Saddle Ridge" hoard of Double Eagles found by a couple walking their dog was even better. There were 1427 Double Eagles most in MS+ condition. All coins were properly conserved (cleaned) and slabbed/ finders won the lottery and a great start into a new hobby. Here where I live there is zero chance of finding treasure. Had my parents stayed in Germany/ then I would have two advantages.....

1/ when paying coin invoices/ I would have euros to convert to euros/ zero exchange/ here I pay 1.60=1 E

2/ when doing weeding / flowerbeds/ maybe I would find a MS Laelinus/ Postumus/ Tetricus aureus!!!!! for my collection.


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The best thing I ever found metal detecting was a horse shoe. There is another hoard supposedly here in Lexington that is less than a mile from my house. I did some research and evidently the William Pettit residence was demolished and is now a shopping center.  

" William Pettit reportedly buried $80,000 in gold coins somewhere on his Lexington farm but died before he was able to retrieve the cache. The money has never been found."


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