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My Seminar - ‘Introduction to the Post 1204 Coinage of Byzantium’


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Hi all, I was privileged to recently give a seminar on late Byzantine coinage at 2023 Historicon in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I have shared a few preliminary clips on youtube. I am currently editing the whole talk by adding the powerpoint slides directly onto the video. This should make following the illustrations and explanations easier! The planned release will be this Friday.


The talk encompasses the role of the Byzantine emperor in Byzantium and what messages the emperor was trying to send with specific iconography. Afterwards, there was a hands on demonstration where people got to take the coins home afterwards! They seemed quite excited…😂but I think I was happier to get rid of all my low end trachys! 😁

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42 minutes ago, AussieCollector said:

Thanks @TheTrachyEnjoyer

But there us no such thing as post 1204 Byzantine coinage.

There is Epirus, Trebizond, and Nicaea coinage, followed by Nicaea coinage pretending to be Byzantine coinage.




Ok ok, just joking! Thanks for sharing and very informative.

Addressed…in the full talk! Hopefully out friday

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On 7/26/2023 at 4:11 PM, Severus Alexander said:

Excellent job!! You’re a great presenter. I love the feeding frenzy in the third clip too, and can relate to the curse of the low-end trachy infestation! 😆

Thank you! Yes…the low end ones seem to never go away 😁

The full talk will be out tomorrow at 11 am EST!

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