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Vespasian's Last Coin?

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I love the Flavian coinage struck in 79 AD. As a child, my initial interest in the dynasty was sparked by reading about the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in August 79 ... so, acquiring any coins from that year is almost a nostalgic excercise. My latest addition is from that personally magical year - a Vespasian dupondius which could have been the last coin struck for the ageing emperor.



Æ Dupondius, 12.58g
Rome mint, 79 AD
Obv: IMP CAESAR VESPASIAN COS VIIII; Head of Vespasian, radiate, l.
Rev: CERES AVGVST; S C in field; Ceres stg. l., with corn ears and poppy and sceptre
RIC 1092 (R). BMC p. 177 ||. BNC -.

Vespasian's bronze issue struck in 79 (between 1 January and 24 June) was very brief, likely owing to his death in June. Consequently, all the coins from the issue are extremely rare. Only one reverse type is recorded for the dupondii - the standing Ceres, carried-over from previous bronze issues. Missing from both the BM and Paris collections. 




Oddly, the coin arrived from the Swiss seller inside an old cassette cartridge.


Unfortunately (?) the tape wasn't included.

As always, thank you for looking/watching!

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