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Ancient imitations of Makedon and beyond and on


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I'm happy to say that at today's Savoca I won a coin that's been on my "need to get" list for a while now. The coin features virgin goddess Artemis, or Diana as the Romans would've called her, on the boss of a Macedonian shield.

But it wasn't made in Macedonia. It's an ancient imitation. Easily identified by its style, the coins were probably minted by mercenaries that headed back east and took the design to add legitimacy to their own coinage and interactions. 


Eastern Europe. Imitation of Macedonian, First Meris 200-100 BC.

Tetradrachm AR

34 mm, 16,74 g

Diademed and draped bust of Artemis right, with bow and quiver over shoulder; all in center of Macedonian shield/ MAKEΔONΩN / ΠPΩTHΣ, club; monogram above; all within oak wreath; thunderbolt to left. very fine. Lanz 1009. Purchased from Savoca Silver 167 June 2023


Here are a couple non imitations I have from the first meris (Makedon was split into four Meris when Rome finally got tired of Philip V's son, Perseus, revolting).


Of course the Celts did a wonderful job of imitating the coins they recieved from Makedon. And it's always fun to watch the designs evolve, (a couple mimicking Philip II with Zeus)



devolve (some Alexander III imitations with Herakles)


and turn into hubcaps!



Please share your imitations, Macedonian coins, shields, thoughts or ideas you stole from someone else!

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