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 a solidus(and an 'error' coin too) of King Charles X Gustav (1654-1660), (he had to take the Xth because the previous Charles IX, who was actually the IV, based his number on a fairy tale he deemed authentic :P).., cousin and hand picked replacement of Christine when she abdicated the throne.( i believe these coins to be made with wikiwerks machine...anybody familiar with that term?)...and there are copper 'counterfeits'  of this coin that are just as  collectible as the originals..:)                                          


"solidus'(billon) King Charles X of Sweden, 1654-1660, 

obverse: crowned monogram  

reverse: crossed keys

 most likely from the occupied city of Riga

15mm, 0.5gms



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Here's a coin from his predecessor. It's the cheapest solidus I'll ever get 🤣

Kristina Solidus, 1645
Riga, Swedish Livonia. Billon. Vasa arms inside crowned monogram; CHRISTINA · D · G · D · R · S ·, C (Christina Dei Gratia Regina Sveciae / Christina, with God's grace, Queen of Sweden). Crossed keys in ornamented shield; SOLIDVS · CIVI : RIG · 4 · 5 · (Solidus Civitatis Rigensis / Schilling of the city of Riga) (Haljak 1528).

Talking of wire dengas, Kristina was from the Vasa dynasty. They were rather powerful and produced a couple of claimants to the Russian throne, such as Władysław IV Vasa.

Władysław IV Vasa Kopek, 1610-1612

Novgorod. Silver, 11mm, 0.64g. Horseman with spear; mintmark NSD. (ЦРЬ I ВЕЛИ)/-КИI КНѦ(SЬ/ ВЛ)AДИCЛAB /ЖIГIMO(HT)/-OB(IЧЬ ВСЕ-/Ѧ РУСI) (Tsar and Grand Duke Vladislav Zhigimontovich of All Russia) (KG 300, obverse 1, reverse 1).

The obverse does feature the usual horseman - Władysław's kopeks are expensive!

The Swedes propped up Tsar Vasiliy Shuisky and occupied bits of Russia under Kristina's father, Gustav II Adolf, when coins were struck in Shuisky's name (despite him being dead).

Vasiliy IV Shuisky Swedish Occupation Kopek, 1613-1617
Novgorod. Silver, 0.49g. Horseman with spear; mintmark NRGI/НРГI. (TSAR I VE/-LIK)IY KNYAZ/ (VAS)ILIY IV(A/-NOV)ICH VS(E/-YA) RUS(I) (Tsar and Grand Duke Vasiliy Ivanovich of All Russia) (KG 327).

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9 minutes ago, DLTcoins said:

Walzwerk? The first term that came to mind was "roller die". When I googled that term, I found this:


It seems to be the same method used for English farthings - 'roller milled'. Like the Charles X Gustav solidus, on this one you can see the edge of the next coin where the punch wasn't aligned.

Charles I Richmond Type 2 Farthing, 1625-1631
London Token House. Copper, 16mm, 0.53g. CARO : D : G : MAG : BRI (Obverse 2); three lys privy mark. Eagle-headed harp (with 6 strings), FRA : ET HIB : REX (Reverse 3), die axis 0° (Everson Richmond Type 2 93; Peck/BMC Type 1c 182). Ex Colin Cooke.

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