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Probus - Lugdunum - TEMPOR FELICI - RIC 103 Bust Type G


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Back in January I posted about a recent addition to my Probus collection:-


I have since been able to add another coin to Probus, Lugdunum collection with another Emission 5 example. This time another Bust Type G but with Attic helmet.....

Obv:– IMP C M AVR PROBVS AVG, . Pseudo-Attic helmet. Cuirass with balteus. Shield with sinuous & riveted rim; decorated with a rider right (looks like emperor spearing fallen captive). Spearshaft only
Rev:– TEMPOR FELICI, Felicitas standing right, holding caduceus and cornucopiae
Minted in Lugdunum (//I) Emission 5 Officina 1. End A.D. 277 to Early A.D. 278
Reference(s) – Bastien 206 (9). RIC 103 Bust Type G.

4.06g, 22.55mm, 0o


I have sometimes gone for years between adding coins to this emission in my collection. This is a good year thus far.

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