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A Trio of Interesting Roman Provincials


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Hello All,

I haven't posted much created any threads lately as I have been busy with life and just plain exhausted....
ANYWAYS, I have managed to pick up a few interesting coins on the cheap (~$15 or less) and thought I would share them with you all.

First off an Alexandrian Potin Tetradrachm of Tacitus. Probably not particularly rare OR interesting for most of you...but it was listed as unidentified and, for $8 and a little research, I was able to identify it as a coin of Tacitus. This is my first Tacitus tetradrachm and I couldn't be happier.

Year 1 (275/276 AD)
Potin Tetradrachm
Alexandria, Egypt
Obverse: A K KΛ TAKITOC CЄB, Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right
Reverse: ЄΤΟΥC - A, Elpis standing left, wearing chiton and peplos, branch in right hand
Köln 3118; Dattari 5516; Curtis 1840


The next was an obvious buy since it featured my favorite winged lady, Nike. It was listed as unidentified and I paid $16 for it. I knew that the bust was Heracles but that was about it when I bought it. It took some digging but I finally identified it as a provincial coin of Sardes, Lydia under Nero!
Strategos Tiberios Klaudios Mnasea
54-68 AD
Sardes, Lydia
Obverse: EPI TI MNACEOY CARDIANWN, draped bust of Herakles right
Reverse: CEBACTH, Nike advancing left, holding wreath and palm branch
RPC 3010; BMC 64

Finally, this guy came in yesterday.  The pictures were not great but the description was accurate: Roman provincial of Hadrian from Ionia with Artemis riding a biga pulled by stags.  I did not find many examples, however. Only a handful on RPC a few on acsearch, and one for sale on vcoins for 10x what I paid. Needless to say, I pulled the trigger quickly for $15. I'm glad I did. It looked much better in hand than the seller's photos. This is is also my first coin with non-horses pulling a biga!

117-138 AD
Ephesos, Ionia
Obverse: ADRIANOC KAICAR, laureate head right
Reverse: EFECIWN, Artemis in biga of stags right, holding torch
BMC 230

Thanks for checking them out. If you have any examples of the 3 coins I posted, feel free to show them off! Or anything else that fits the theme, whatever that may be haha!


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