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Solar eclipse!


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Interesting. Several years ago we got to witness a total solar eclipse right from our house. It is a strange and unforgettable experience!

Here is a Sol (I need to take new photos and update the description)


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Augustus and Livia as the sun and the moon!

Augustus and Livia, issued under Tiberius, 14-29 CE.
Roman provincial Æ 31 mm, 21.48 g.
Spain, Hispalis, Colonia Romula, 14-29 CE.
Obv: PERM DIVI AVG COL ROM, radiate head of Augustus right; thunderbolt before, star above.
Rev: IVLIA AVGVSTA GENETRIX ORBIS, head of Livia, left; globe beneath, crescent above.
Refs: RPC-73; SGI-189; Heiss 393, 2; Cohen 169, 3; Alvarez-Burgos 1587; Lindgren II 69; SNG Tubingen 118; SNG Copenhagen 423.13.35.

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You're very lucky to have a solar eclipse near you. I'd love to travel to see one again.

Here's the only total solar eclipse shot I've taken.



And here's Sol.


Valerian I
AR Antoninianus 3.25g, 23mm, 6h
Colonia Agrippinensis, 257 CE
VALERIANVS P F AVG, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust to right / ORIENS AVGG, Sol advancing to left, raising hand and holding globe
RIC V.1 12 (Lugdunum) var. (bust type); MIR 868h; RSC 143a var. (same)

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Nice pictures and coins:


Here is Marcus Aurelius as Helios and Faustina II as Selene (Sun and Moon)


Faustina II
Kilikia, Hieropolis-Kastabala
Obv.: ΦΑΥСΤƐΙΝΑ СƐΒΑСΤΗ, Draped bust of Faustina (as Selene) right; crescent on forehead, countermark T
Rev.: IEPOΠΟΛΙΤΩΝ, Radiate and draped bust of Helios left (portrait assimilated to Marcus Aurelius)
AE, 11.32g, 24.5mm
Ref.: SNG France 2231-2232, SNG Levante 1587, Howgego 686 (for countermark), RPC IV.3, 6183 (temporary)
Ex Künker

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Helios on a Dyrrhachion drachm



Illyria, Dyrrhachion AR Drachm, 92-60 BC, Exephron and Zopyros, magistrates. Obv: Cow standing right, looking back at suckling calf standing left below; head of Helios right and EXEΦPΩN above, owl before Rev: Double stellate pattern within slightly curved double linear square; ΔYP ZΩΠYPOY around

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