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..Any ya'll got one o dese?!??..


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i bought a coin (on the way. i'll post it whens i gets it :D)) from a ebay seller and he has one of dese..it shows my coin at 90% silver..i checked some out and they run around $1000 +- so i most likely wonl be getting one anytime soon but they are kool! 🙂

metals verifier.jpg

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Nope, dont have one. Quite expensive, you can get a nice coin /some nice coins for a 1000 dollars. It would be a good piece of equipment if youre a dealer/trader, I can imagine most have one of these. 

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$1,000 seems like a bargain compared to the pXRF spectrometers probably used for a numismatic research paper that I read recently. Those devices, some look like store price scanners, appear to start around $15,000. After reading the paper, I had the innocent thought "wow, it would be really fascinating to have one of those." That thought's innocence disintegrated after a few quick internet searches. I still would like to have one just to examine the composition of the coins around me. But, as they say, "alas."

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I was very intrigued by this post!  I wondered how it worked, and whether it could be used to measure silver content in 3rd c. antoniniani, for example, even though their metal composition varies on the surface vs. inside.

If it works by measuring conductivity, it sounds like ancient coins are beyond its abilities, unfortunately.  From the Sigma verifiers site: "In silver coins, additives can change the reading significantly.... For old numismatic coins, variability will be high, and no data base has been developed for analyzing them... we need to know the specific alloy we are measuring and then determine if the item being tested falls into the range of that alloy." We normally wouldn't know enough about the coin being analyzed for this to work  on ancients.

Bummer! 😞 

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