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A Question About 3rd Century Antoniniani


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I have a question specifically regarding issues of Valerian and Mariniana. From Pacatian onwards the mint of Viminacium struck antoniniani, just like at Rome. My question is a basic one. How can the ones from Viminacium be distinguished between the ones from Rome? I haven’t read Göbl, but that seems to be the only source that makes the distinction between mints. 

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It's not only VIM and Rome, also Mediolanum, Antiochia and Samosata...

If you are lucky, you got a type that was minted only by a specific mint, otherwise you have to distinguish the mints by their style, which is often difficult.

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This happens a fair bit with mints. Like Cologne/“Uncertain Southern Mint” or Laodicea ad Mare - everyone happily quotes the mint from the main reference and then suddenly someone says, hang on, maybe they didn’t strike coins there after all. It’s based on the style and unique elements in the design, along with where they are found.

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