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Leo's Faustina the Elder video

Roman Collector

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Nice video, but  why is a Faustina II coin on the  introductory photo ?


Here are three Faustina I coins:



Faustina Senior
Obv.: DIVA - FAVSTINA, draped bust right
Rev.: AED DIV FAVSTINAE, front of temple of Diva Faustina with six columns, in the center statue of Faustina.
Ag, 3,28g, 19mm
Ref.: RIC 343 [S], CRE 126 [C]



Faustina Senior
Denarius after 141
Obv.: DIVA FAVSTINA, bust right
Rev.: AVGVSTA, Ceres standing left, raising hand and holding torch
Ag, 3.43g, 17.4mm
Ref.: RIC 361a [C], CRE 83 [S]



Faustina Senior
Denarius after 141
Obv.: DIVA FAVSTINA, veiled bust right
Rev.: AETERNITAS, Fortuna standing left, holding globe and rudder
Ag, 3.43g, 18.6mm
Ref.: RIC 348b, C 6, RCV 4577, CRE 97 [R]

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Thanks for sharing that video and those coins @Roman Collector

Somewhat keeping on topic, I just had to take this opportunity to share my latest Faustina I - a veiled as that is, I am pretty sure, a die-match to one in the @Roman Collector collection (obverse only).  I found a couple of others that seem to match this obverse die as well.  


Faustina I Æ As (c. 140-141 A.D.) Rome Mint DIVA AVGVSTA FAVSTINA, draped and veiled bust right / A[E]T[ERN]ITAS, S-C, Providentia standing left, holding globe on extended right hand and vertical sceptre in left.  RIC III Ant. Pius 1163ab (as); BMCRE 1459; Cohen RSC --. (9.18 grams / 25 x 24 mm) eBay Mar. 2023   

Obverse Die-Match Characterstics: Small top-knot; elaborate drapery; GVS-TA FAV...break.

Die-Match Obverse: 

Roman Collector collection (see various CT & NF posts)


Gorny & Mosch Giessener Stuttgarter Münzauktionen, Auktion 1; Lot 452; 22.11.2010


Classical Numismatic Group Electronic Auction 108; Lot 157; 16.02.2005 (ex- Rudolf Berk)


Note: "These coins were among the first issued in honor of the Diva Faustina I following her death in late Oct./early Nov. of AD 140. They bear (a) veil worn by the deceased empress,emphasizing her deified status. The coins of this first issue emphasize her consecration with numerous CONSECRATIO reverse types, her Piety...and two AETERNITAS types, emphasizing the deified empress's place among the stars." (Roman Collector on CT)






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