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Elusive Aurelian


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I have looked through Wildwinds , Ocre and sold listings galore but a ref for this eludes me. The closest I can find with mintmark VI in exergue has the obverse legend with a C after IMP. This one is almost identicle but with no C after IMP. Any Aurelian collectors out there with some greater knowledge?


20230303_134109 (2).jpg

20230303_134833 (2).jpg

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51 minutes ago, Spaniard said:

@expat...Nice looking coin of a very underated Emperor.. Is this a new addition to your collection?

Super portrait and I love the sol reverse..

Arrived yesterday, here are my pics


Aurelian 270-275 CE.jpg

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Here is an interesting Aurelian.





Obverse: IMP AVRELIANVS AVG, Laureate and cuirassed bust of 
Aurelian facing right.

Reverse: CONCORDIA AVG, Aurelian, in military attire, standing left, holding sceptre
in left hand and clasping hands with Severina standing right, radiate bust of Sol facing
right between them. No officina mark.

RIC: 80. Sear: 11646. [Rome, AD 274-5].

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Billion Coin (AE Antoninianus) minted at Cyzicus during the reign of AURELIAN between 272 – 275 A.D. Obv. IMP.C.AVRELIANVS.AVG.; Rad., dr. & cuir. bust r. Rev. ORIENS.AVG. Sol stg. head l., r. hand raised, l. holding globe, two captives at his feet, in ex. A C RCS #153. RICV #363. DVM #14.


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