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Question about Wu Zhu Variety


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Traditional separation between Western and Eastern Han issues is a squared Zhu (Western) and rounded (Eastern), but the answer is 'sort of'.  These are always open to some interpretation due to the huge variation of style.  Hartill shows this difference clearly with his entires 8.12 and 10.32.  But its not a complete catalog.  Alex Fishman in his work 'One Thousand Years of Wu Zhu Coinage' goes into much greater detail.  He shows the earlier western issues with a straight and angular Wu, with the Eastern with a curved one, like yours.  What makes yours a little confusing is the Zhu, which is not entirely square or rounded, but somewhat transitional. 

Nevertheless, it seems to match Fishman B4.6a, and c (b, d and e clearly show rounded Zhu).

As such, I guess the attribution would be:

Eastern Han Dynasty, Emperors Guangwu to Ming Di, 40 - 75 AD.


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