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My latest Sakkos of Phalanna


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Such s fun type. And each one appears to be wearing something just slightly different on her head. Here is my latest (just picked her up in today's Aphrodite auction:


Thessaly, Phalanna. Late 4th to early 3rd centuries BC. Æ (17,9 mm, 5,8 g). Youthful male head to right. R/ Head of nymph to right, hair bound with ornate sakkos, wearing necklace; ΦΑΛΑΝΝΑΙΩΝ around. BCD Thessaly I 1255.1; HGC 4, 175.


Some others from Phalanna:


and a few other Sakkos!


Please share your coins of Phalanna, Sakkos, wins from today's auction or anything beautiful!

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Nice pickup!

This is my only coin of Phallana (no Sakkos).



I do have this coin with a Sakkos.


Paphlagonia, Sinope. Ariarathes I of Cappadocia
Circa 325 BCE
AR Drachm 5.53 gm, 17mm
Persic standard
Obv.: 'm in Aramaic, head of the nymph Sinope to left, her hair bound in a sakkos, wearing triple-pendant earring and pearl necklace; to left, aphlaston.
Rev.: 'ariyrth' in Aramaic, sea-eagle with spread wings standing on a dolphin to left.
HGC 7, 434; SNG BM Black Sea 1459; SNG Stancomb 761
Ex Tom Vossen




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A slightly unsightly sakkos (that's quite hard to say)  here, somehow described by the optimistic seller as  about extremely fine.

Yes, "about".

Sicily, Syracuse, silver Tetradrachm, c. 430-420 BC, charioteer, holding kentron and reins, driving slow quadriga right, Nike flying above crowning horses' heads, rev. ΣVPAKOΣION, head of Arethusa right, her hair within Sakkos decorated with meander pattern and laurel wreath, dolphins in fields About extremely fine.


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