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Revisiting The Collection: Titus Temple of Jupiter Cistophorus

David Atherton

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I thought it would be interesting to do a weekly series revisiting coins from my collection that I haven't previously shared here on Nvmis Forvms. Plus, it gives me an excuse to play with them!

This week I choose this beautiful Titus cistophorus. It still remains one of my favourite coins.




AR Cistophorus, 10.64g
Rome mint (for Asia), 80-81 AD
Obv: IMP TITVS CAES VESPASIAN AVG P M.; Head of Titus, laureate, bearded, r.
Rev: CAPIT across field, RESTIT in exergue; Temple of Capitoline Jupiter with 4 columns enclosing figures of Juno, seated Jupiter and Minverva
RIC 515 (R). BMC spec. acquired 1948. RSC -. RPC 860 (3 spec.). BNC 111.
Acquired from Calgary Coin, 30 November 2015. Ex MS collection. Ex Harlan J. Berk 124, 3 January 2002, lot 448.

In 80 AD while Titus was away in Campania surveying the damage Vesuvius had caused in the region the previous Fall, a devastating fire broke out in Rome, damaging much of the city center. One of the most important buildings affected by the fire was the Temple of Capitoline Jupiter, rebuilt recently by Vespasian. The temple being the most sacred and important building in Rome, Titus began rebuilding it immediately. Construction was still ongoing when Titus died of natural causes in September of 81. A cistophorus commemorating the rebuilding of the structure was struck for Domitian but it was not until 1948 with the discovery of this reverse type for Titus when the BM acquired a specimen was the type known to be minted for Titus. Needless to say it is extremely rare. Since 1948 seven other examples have surfaced, four of which are in public collections. A.M. Woodward speculates the type for Domitian is actually a hybrid struck from carry-over dies intended for Titus. This cistophorus was minted in Rome for export to Asia Minor. The style and die axis are similar to the denarii from Rome during the same period, firmly placing it to that mint. This coin is an obverse die match with Gemini IX, lot 458.


In hand.



As always, thanks for looking/watching!

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One of my absolute favorites from your collection David.  Here's my Domitian from the same dealer and same previous collection!


laureate head of Domitian to right

CA PIT across field, RESTIT in exergue
tetrastyle temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus Capitolinus, containing statues of the Capitoline Triad, Jupiter seated left between standing figures of Juno and Minerva

Rome for circulation in the East
A.D. 82


RIC 841 (C), S.2715, BMC 251, RSC 23, RPC 864

Ex-Calgary Coin, From the MS collection;
Ex-G&M auction 147 lot 1813 March 2006

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