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1808 PTS-PJ Bolivia 8 Reales - Carolus IIII


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I once learned at a coin club meeting that I bought a fake at auction in the late 70's. The consignor did reluctantly take it back a couple weeks later when I complained.

I have always wanted one since. I guess 50 plus years later is long enough to wait. It does fill a spot in my collection.

I believe this is the last year this type was minted. Maybe from 1772 to 1808.

It looks pretty natural to me but just right. Doesn't have any distracting marks.

It was described simply as

1808 PTS-PJ Bolivia 8 Reales - Carolus IIII (KM-73) VF Silver.  

Some say that the Potosi mintmark is the origin of the dollar sign. ($)

Light old toning around the rims.

Reading about the Potosi silver mines and forced labor was ugly news to me. Workers had to scale long ladders carrying over 100 lbs, and sometimes a lot more, everyday, all day long, up and out of mining pits.

1808 PTS-PJ Bolivia 8 Reales - Carolus IIII (KM-73) VF Silver.  Light old toning around the rims..jpg

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Lovely coins with beautiful toning!  I had not heard about the connection between the US dollar sign ($) and the Potosi mintomark - very interesting!  I have a Carolus IIII as well, which I picked up a couple months ago. This coin is from Mexico, dated 1802.  It has a few chop-marks, which I really like - it's neat to think about the long journey such a coin made around the 19th century world.



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Nice coins!  I really like the toning of the first two.

Here is an 8 reales of Charles IV, from Santiago, Chile that I've had for quite a while.

Chile Santiago Charles IV 8 reales 1793 DA,.

KM 51; C 61, E 44

26.94 grams


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