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Sri Somalladevi - My luckiest purchase of the year!


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I have an elaborate web of saved queries set up on ebay to try to catch almost any combination of keywords used to describe Indo Sassanian coinage, and I try to check for new hits at least once a day. This far into my collection, most of what I see is just the same thing over and over again, but a couple weeks ago I struck (figurative) gold!

India, Chahamanas of Shakambhari

Present-day Rajasthan in NW India

Somalladevi, queen consort of Ajayaraja II (1110-1135 AD)

Billon Dramma 


Obv: Imitation of Gadhaiya Paisa (ca. Series 1.4.4)

Rev: Nagari legend Sri SoMa/ LaDeVi in two lines



Not a whole lot of time for a full write up, so I'll just link back to the thread on the "other" coin forum 😉


Unlike that specimen, which was far and away my most expensive Indo-Sassanian at $250, I spotted this one at a starting bid of only $10, with $10 in shipping! Except I blinked and realized it wasn't bid at all... I smashed the Buy It Now button so fast I'm pretty sure I gave my knuckles whiplash!

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Congrats @Finn235here's a recent pickup that is in the same family - the attribution seems ambiguous - is this Pratihara or Pala dynasty?  or maybe an overlapping area in north eastern India?


India, Pratihara - Pala supremacy (circa 780-980), debased AR drachm
Obv: Indo-sasanian bust right, wearing turreted headdress.
Rev: Stylized fire altar

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