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Republic of China Year 15 (1926) 2 Jiao Question

The Eidolon

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Got this recently as part of a mixed lot from a local coin shop.  It was misidentified as a 1 jiao by the dealer, which I didn't realize until I had it at home.  Apparently, the 2 jiao can go for significantly more than I paid for it, if authentic, but there are numerous fakes out there.  If any of you are familiar with Republic of China coins, I have a couple questions:

1)  Does it appear likely to be authentic?

2)  If not a fake, approximately what grade might it be?

My old Krause guide (1990s) doesn't seem to show the 2 jiao as much more expensive than the 1 jiao, but apparently the current market thinks differently.  Since I'm terrible at estimating coin grades, I have no idea if it would be worth getting authenticated.  Thanks for any help, comments, or advice!

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