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Unpublished Pius from Hierapolis?


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I bought this Antoninus Pius as it intrigued me.  RPC mentions that some issues from Hierapolis of Pius have the features of Hadrian, so I thought it was kind of interesting.  But looking through RPC Online I could not find a link, so I assume its unpublished and wanted to ask and see if there was something out there.  When I catalog my collection I really like to place published references, so I cant do that until I get a consensus.  I'm simply typing in the legend as I see it, not as it should be as this example doesn't seem to follow normal syntax.

Antoninus Pius

Cyrrhestica, Hierapolis Mint

23mm, 10.20 grams

Obverse:  ---A (or Λ) TI A (or Λ) IΛ -- P C (or E) IANTWNEIN, Laureate bust of Pius right with slight drapery on far shoulder.

Reverse:  ΘΕΑCCYPI ACIEPOΠΟ Α in three lines within wreath.


I'm sure I have mixed some of the legend up, as often when one looks too closely they simply dont see what is right there, but as far as I can see its as yet unpublished, but I want to get opinions before I submit to RPC.




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Great to see you here and posting. Seeing your name among the members was one of the positive features 👍 that convinced me to join this forum. I’m sorry I can’t advise you other than to say, great looking coin! 

— LONGINUS (aka Deacon Ray)

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I have two from Cyrrhestica for Antoninus Pius, but they are in such poor shape, I doubt they help with your query.  They are similar, but not the same, at least according to what I found on RPC at the time; both the bust look pretty AP to me: 


Antoninus Pius   Æ 19 (c. 138-161 A.D.) Syria, Cyrrhestica, Hierapolis [ΑΥΤο ΚΑΙ ΤΙ ΑΙΛ ΑΔΡΙΑΝΤωΝƐΙΝΟϹ ϹƐΒ, laureate bust wearing cuirass and paludamentum right / ΘƐΑϹϹΥΡ[Ι]   ΑϹΙƐΡΟΠΟ, Δ below, within laurel wreath. RPC IV.3 8546; cf. Butcher 15. (7.63 grams / 19 mm) eBay Oct. 2020


Antoninus Pius   Æ 21 (c. 138-161 A.D.) Cyrrhestica, Hieropolis, Syria [ΑΥΤο ΚΑΙ ΤΙ ΑΙΛ ΑΔΡΙ ΑΝΤWΝƐΙΝΟϹ ϹƐΒ ƐΥϹƐΒ] laureate bust wearing cuirass and paludamentum right / ΘƐΑϹ ϹΥΡΙΑϹ ΙƐΡΟΠΟ, Ɛ below, within laurel wreath. RPC 6977; cf. Butcher 15. (10.05 grams / 21 x 18 mm) eBay Feb. 2020  





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