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New book on Sestertius (Volume 3)

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After the first volume devoted to Nerva and Trajan published in January 2022  and the second volume devoted to the reign of Hadrian published in August of the same year, I annonce you today the third part dedicated to the reign of Antoninus Pius (138-161 AD). Now with the first three books in the series, it is more than 900 pages and 1,270 obverse and reverse photos that allow you to discover the rich iconography of this endearing dynasty that left its mark on Rome and alone symbolizes “Roman Peace” and the High Empire. This collection of three books is intended for both collectors and professionals and can also provide many services to researchers thanks to its ease of use. 



This third “opus” with 332 pages still sees the number of plates increased (30) with a total of 590 photographs of the obverse and reverse of the coinage. This new volume begins with Antoninus’ Sestertii as Caesar, under Hadrian between February 25 and July 10, 138 AD, then Augustus, of his wife Faustina, who died in 140 and immediately deified, of his adopted son, Marcus Aurelius, who became Caesar at the beginning of his reign, associated with the reverse, of the coinage of his father. The author adds the coins of Antoninus minted after his death in 161-162 AD by Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus, who became emperors. One of the most interesting part is the inventory of the coins listed with the use of the greatest number of professional sources of the past twelve years, from a database of more than 250 firms, which makes it possible to assess the degree of real rarity from a base of several thousand sesterces listed in this way.




The plates are between pages 211 and 271 with each time an explanatory page placed opposite the corresponding plate; in front of each of them, placed on the right page, you will find on the left the list of the types of busts and the corresponding reverses. The book is completed by a chronology and three indexes. The first provides us with the dates for each of the sestertius mentioned in the catalog between 138 and 162 AD. The first index refers to the eight main books (Cohen, RIC, RCV, BM/CRE, SIR, IGBI , PSR and UCR) selected by the author as reference works with for each of them a very useful correspondence table. It is supplemented by the index of the reverse legends and that of the representation of the reverses. The book ends with the list of reference works, collections, hoards, firms and sales catalogs consulted and quoted in the directory. With only 300 copies printed, do not wait to acquire it before it is sold out (65€).

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